Energy Efficency

A man was very sick. Doctors feared the worst. He is at home one day, resting in his bed. He looks up and says, “Is my wife here?”

His wife replies, “Yes, dear, I’m here, next to you.”

The man continues, “Are my children here?”

“Yes, Daddy, we are all here,” say the children.

“Are my other relatives also here?”

And they say, “Yes, we are all here…”

The man sits up and says, “Then why in the world is the light on in the kitchen?”

The days at IBM

My first journey into my big boy pants job was at IBM through a contractor with CCI and I thought this was were I was going to stay. There were people onsite and I could mingle and play pranks. But I realized that my exterior personality needed to be authored to fit the status quo. This was always my challenge and never one that I won. But I accepted who I was and I lived through fun and games.

Some of the laughs we had were

I worked at the company for 8 years, I learned a lot made some great friends and even jump starts my technical career. I was able to support the Top 50 execs of the company, we were a small group of 8 but we did the job of 12. I moved all the way down the coast to be in a new place with a new set of friends and life choices.

This started me on Server Support in Atlanta and I loved it but not as much as home, and slowly my love for my job started to diregress and I focused on film, and the hipocrosay that IBM had was overwhelming. Advisors who “performed” but fucked off all day and were allowed. Or one person could watch a youtube video and the other can’t because they were a “Performer” I mean it was sickening.

At 25/27 I mean this was a entitled idea and one that ate me to my core, how could something that I put my heart into get second best to someone who just clocked in.. This was a radical idea that most people don’t understand…


You have to make yourself special and that’s what I learned at IBM, numbers matter people don’t.. You have to make yourself stand out to what they want… Not what you can become.

The Fall! From Grace

Seven weeks ago I was taking the love of my life for a drive out for Ice Cream,  the proof that a man loves you!

You’ll have to trust me but our garage stairs are steep and something out of a Stephen King novel. 

We both started walking down the stairs and I guess I turned around and was caught by her beauty.

Then Bam!  I feel down 4 stairs and felt my ankle pop out.

This is the last time we went to urgent care,  they incorrectly diagnoses my dislocated ankle but the joint went through all my tendons.

There plan was to refer me to a orthopedic, We did and was referred to the great JC (John Chao) at Peachtree Orthopedic,   I was put into a external fixture and locked at home for six weeks.

I couldn’t shower for 4 weeks.  I had to do the homeless shower (baby wipes).   At least  work was feasible since I didn’t have to drive.

Finally I got the raptor claw removed and am back to walking in this boot for 3 months.