Book Review:Positioning-The Marketing Classic. 

Confidence is always the number one characteristic to help carry a audience.  number two is stories.  Engage your audience and they will return with your full attention.

Al Ries and Jack Trout do a good job enticing the readers that creating imagery and enticing stories to sell your products or launch your career.

The chapters are clear and concise and not overly wordy.  If your looking to create a new brand image pick up your own copy.

The Fall! From Grace

Seven weeks ago I was taking the love of my life for a drive out for Ice Cream,  the proof that a man loves you!

You’ll have to trust me but our garage stairs are steep and something out of a Stephen King novel. 

We both started walking down the stairs and I guess I turned around and was caught by her beauty.

Then Bam!  I feel down 4 stairs and felt my ankle pop out.

This is the last time we went to urgent care,  they incorrectly diagnoses my dislocated ankle but the joint went through all my tendons.

There plan was to refer me to a orthopedic, We did and was referred to the great JC (John Chao) at Peachtree Orthopedic,   I was put into a external fixture and locked at home for six weeks.

I couldn’t shower for 4 weeks.  I had to do the homeless shower (baby wipes).   At least  work was feasible since I didn’t have to drive.

Finally I got the raptor claw removed and am back to walking in this boot for 3 months.

Dowdell’s Knob Trail-FDR’s dearest spots.

One of my favorite history trips, Dowdell’s Knob…


Look at this view! I mean it’s gorgeous.

Here is one more!


Like any History buff my cohort and I woke up at 4am to drive two hours to get a day trip of FDR history that day. It was magnificent, while we missed the sunrise to bask in the moment that FDR felt every time he sat on this ridge.


The magic was still there.





Wondering, what type of deals he made and what history was made right at this spot.  I even met the man, I was a little nervous.






We took a moment to step on the dead center of the mountain.


Our journey continued.



A look back in time-Diners the home of the true American love story

I can remember growing up in New York, not the City but in the suburbs and spending my nights with my friends eating burgers and fries at a diner. If memory recalls it was called Spotlight Dinner. It was magical and it was just good food and great adolescent conversations. This is what drove us, this also started my love for burgers. Still does to this day, just a short order cook making some burgers and slapping them on a bun.

This memory was driven by checking out Old Photo Archive, I started thinking how many love story started with a Dinner? How many people shared their first two person Milk Shake straw fight?

And most importantly how good was the food?


What’s your favorite Memory?


The Majestic Restaurant in 1933.

Kings County Guide To Urban Moonshining-Book Review.

On my way to learn about the history of Bourbon.  I came across Kings County Guide to Urban Moonshining.

Now I got this book from a used realtor on Amazon, I’m sure glad I didn’t pay full price.  While full of decent information on the history on Kings County Distiller History.

But coming to the distilling secrion which I was most concerned about fell flat,  no tips or real tricks but a regrrgitation on most how to guides and theory’s.

For this I was disappointed,  but the writing style was easy to follow and treated it’s reader to the respect they needed.

Would I recommend no, will I resell Possibly!