Book Review: Beam Straight Up: The bold story of the first family of Bourbkn

I love any book based on bourbon, doubt the history of bourbon, or even had a drink bourbon! But when I delved into beam straight up I was a little disappointed it didn’t feel like a story that captivated me it felt more of a story that someone else wrote from Wikipedia. 

Well there were pictures in interesting anecdotes leave through the book it felt more of a narrative than a story and I didn’t have anybody in to any of the characters, I mean I knew they were living in a new they really did this but it felt was very matter-of-fact and not excited.

Now the beam story is an amazing one at best they created some of the worlds best bourbon and they are “the first family of bourbon “I just don’t know if it was worth the read.

As I write this I am pulling 100 proof bottle of Jim Beam out of the cabinet.


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