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I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not the most profound linguist nor the most passionate of readers and I don’t pretend to know what makes a good book nor a bad book. I know what works for me.

James Patterson has been someone who I can follow easily in his books, they enable me to think and at least relate in some cerebral level to his work. I decided that I was going to give it a go and try the President is Missing. Part of my thought process was Bill Clinton helped write, so it might have some accuracy, with this and my passion for history I gave it a go.

The book at its core level follows two patterns that I see, short chapters which give you a sense of accomplishment.Following that it doesn’t pander to over-explaining-Short and Concise!

We follow the President as he’s running a secret “circle of six” investigation, a terrorist from the Sons of Jihad has installed a virus that would inevitably wipe out all the data in the world. Thus rendering all financial data and personal information obsolete.

Being in the technical field I can tell you this is always a fear, we rely so heavily on computers that what happens if, in fact, it does fall to shit? How do we survive? Almost reminded me of Die Hard when they brought in the Fire Sale! Sans Hans Grueber.

While most of this you can find in any dust jacket or good reads page, what I’ll tell you from my perspective is that Augie the loveable Russian hacker who befriends the president, I heard a Russian accent when he talked, almost like Colossus in Deadpool, which was an excitable part in my life. I’ve had few books that have given me that chill. We follow the President through the predictable turns and Batcave entrances in the White House.

For any History nerd, this is the bee’s knees, while I won’t spoil anything, seeing how the President had a secret commission and left the White House unknown was a page-turner. It combined a Thriller sense with a sense of humanity. I felt loss when characters died, and pain when I didn’t get to the part I wanted, IE Short Chapters.

The ending in itself is not what I expected, I’m the type of person who tries to figure out the ending vs waiting for it to happen, but this was a double whammy. The old switcheroo so to speak, you think it’s one but it plays to the other. At the end of this book I put the dust jacket on and breathed a sigh of relief but a pain of wanting more.

The world very well may be safe from Cyber Terrorists this day.


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Book Review: Boys Of Steel

Book Review: Boys Of Steel

This was more of a graphic novel, then a book and it explained the phenomenal story of the creation of superman.  For anyone looking for a way to introduce a child to super heros this is for you!

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Book Review Raving Fans: Ken Blanchard

Book Review Raving Fans: Ken Blanchard

Keeping up with customer service in my line of work is always a priority.  I generally love Ken’s work and look for new avenues to learn.

But for me and my years of service this falls on a book I should have read in the beginning.

  1.  Create exceptional products and service. 
  2. Ensure no customer is left unhappy.
  3. Always create exceptional experiences.

For anyone starting in Customer Services this is for you.  For seasoned pros that have a thriving business and follow these three rules.  Pass

If you don’t BUY it!

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