The days at IBM

My first journey into my big boy pants job was at IBM through a contractor with CCI and I thought this was were I was going to stay. There were people onsite and I could mingle and play pranks. But I realized that my exterior personality needed to be authored to fit the status quo. This was always my challenge and never one that I won. But I accepted who I was and I lived through fun and games.

Some of the laughs we had were

I worked at the company for 8 years, I learned a lot made some great friends and even jump starts my technical career. I was able to support the Top 50 execs of the company, we were a small group of 8 but we did the job of 12. I moved all the way down the coast to be in a new place with a new set of friends and life choices.

This started me on Server Support in Atlanta and I loved it but not as much as home, and slowly my love for my job started to diregress and I focused on film, and the hipocrosay that IBM had was overwhelming. Advisors who “performed” but fucked off all day and were allowed. Or one person could watch a youtube video and the other can’t because they were a “Performer” I mean it was sickening.

At 25/27 I mean this was a entitled idea and one that ate me to my core, how could something that I put my heart into get second best to someone who just clocked in.. This was a radical idea that most people don’t understand…


You have to make yourself special and that’s what I learned at IBM, numbers matter people don’t.. You have to make yourself stand out to what they want… Not what you can become.


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