The Fall! From Grace

Seven weeks ago I was taking the love of my life for a drive out for Ice Cream,  the proof that a man loves you!

You’ll have to trust me but our garage stairs are steep and something out of a Stephen King novel. 

We both started walking down the stairs and I guess I turned around and was caught by her beauty.

Then Bam!  I feel down 4 stairs and felt my ankle pop out.

This is the last time we went to urgent care,  they incorrectly diagnoses my dislocated ankle but the joint went through all my tendons.

There plan was to refer me to a orthopedic, We did and was referred to the great JC (John Chao) at Peachtree Orthopedic,   I was put into a external fixture and locked at home for six weeks.

I couldn’t shower for 4 weeks.  I had to do the homeless shower (baby wipes).   At least  work was feasible since I didn’t have to drive.

Finally I got the raptor claw removed and am back to walking in this boot for 3 months.


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